Delivering Energy Optimization and Power Reliability.

We’re energy experts and we’ve got you covered – We’ll help increase your building optimization, improve your power reliability, and save you money.
Energy & Sustainability
As a leader in energy and sustainability services, Chateau Energy Solutions will help you strategically manage your building optimization and sustainability goals. Our services range from customized programs that focus on the entire lifecycle of a building to implementing energy efficiency projects that provide immediate savings.
About Us
Let us solve your most pressing energy needs by delivering energy optimization and energy reliability solutions. The experts at Chateau Energy Solutions act as an extension of your organization implementing proven energy management technology and services that improve your operating performance and improve your bottom line.
Power & Utility
Our Power and Utility group provides comprehensive services required to safely commission and maintain your electric utility system and equipment. The experts at Chateau Energy Solutions possess unique hands-on process knowledge of medium and high-voltage systems and will provide you a customized solution based on your specific needs.
The experts at Chateau Energy Solutions have decades of power, utility, energy efficiency, and sustainability experience across a diverse mix of industries. Our extensive scope of expertise ranges from power plant to plug. Let us empower you to receive reliable and safe energy and to use energy in a more efficient and sustainable manner.